POTTERY program
OPEN STUDIO NIGHT: $35 a person
Mondays, 6-8:30pm & Saturdays 2-5pm
make & glaze handbuilt forms at my worktable during a casual open studio session. 
*for beginners, I am here as your pottery coach: we'll start w/ making basic pinch pots, and then try some coil, slab, or free sculptural forms. 
*for those with experience, just come and make something! get your work fired! . . . share your knowledge, get feedback. . .hang out w/ other pottery people. 
basic tools and supplies provided. all pieces will be fired. 
**to book**text 404-822-5865 or email wayofthetau(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve a place at my table 
(up to 6 people per session max).  

MINIMAL volume: $50 / month
fire 5-10 small to medium size pots (up to 4 x 5 x 5” form) per month.
MEDIUM volume: $100 / month
fire up to three 21” x 5” shelves of pottery per month. there's flexibility for more based on what i'm firing.
*monthly members may join 
2 OPEN STUDIOS for free.

$45/ per 1.5-2 hr session ($25 for members)
after a brief consultation in person or by phone, we design a lesson plan based on what technique you are interested to learn and/or pieces you’d like to make.  *additional firing fees may apply based on work volume. 

GROUP SESSIONS$45/person per 1.5-2 hr session, for 3-6 persons. larger groups are negotiable. . .
after a brief consultation in person or by phone, we design a lesson plan based on the technique / or pieces the group is interested to make.  
*firing fees may apply based on work volume. 
*one-on-one & group sessions are scheduled on SATURDAYS or during a weekday time that fits everyone’s schedules.

(E.G. if you need to produce something on a deadline that doesn’t fit into the firing schedule or if you are not part of the monthly membership.)
$35 per 21” shelf full of pottery (5” height)

WHOLE KILN up to Cone 6: $100 per firing

HOUSE of TAU studio is located at 
597 Tennelle Street SE, 
ATL GA 30312 in Cabbagetown.